• Our History

    The Love of Wine... It’s in our DNA.

    Univins and Spirits is a collaboration between five Canadian wine and spirits organizations. The first organization was established in Montreal in 1991. It thrived due to the Quebec knowledge and passion for wine, as well as the hard work of its founders, thus leading to rapid and lasting growth. Then, in 1999, Daniel Richard founded Univins—a partnership of two organizations. In 2007, Univins expanded to Vino-Quatro—a new company with wine agencies from across Canada. The Canada-wide success led to the consolidation of all Vini-Quatro partners in 2015 and the creation of Univins and Spirits.


    President of Vini-Quatro Group

    Guided by instinct, Daniel Richard’s vision and passion have taken him to vineyards around the world over the past 25 years, experiencing the aroma of their fruit and the taste of the land. From the passion that ignited his desire to plunge into the world of wine, he has evolved into one of the country’s most respected wine representatives. His new creation is the natural progression of his hard work, love and dedication.