Station 22

Station 22's mission is to market and distribute a wide range of wines and spirits at competitive prices through Canada.

For over 30 years, Station 22 has been offering a wide range of products to grocery, convenience stores and liquor stories. Imported wines from various countries, table wines and ready to drink beverages : all the products they sell always come with a promise of value for the wine consumers.

” Our story begins at the very moment when ends prohibition in the country.
Almost 100 years later, our reputation no longer needs to be done. It’s time for us to align our identity with our reputation, of our expertise and above all our vision for the future.
We are now entering a new decade with a whole new image; Maison des Futailles, Mondia Alliance et Kruger Wines and spirits under the same brand: Station 22.
Why Station 22?
The word station represents a single, precise and defined destination where all our services and products are grouped there.
22 for 1922: Year of our creation, where it all began. 22 becomes the symbol of our history and our heritage.
We don’t erase our past, we let’s build our future on a foundation of almost 100 years of experience!
Experience in the wine and spirits industry which will also be defined as non-alcoholic beverages and other major food trends.”