Leon Beyer

We are deeply committed to environmental and social sustainability. We adopt viticultural practices that respect the environment, promote biodiversity and preserve soil health.

LEON BEYER is a prestigious wine house located in the heart of Alsace, a region renowned worldwide for its exceptional wines. For generations, our family estate has been committed to producing top-quality wines, expressing the authenticity and unique terroir of this beautiful wine-growing region.

LEON BEYER is the fruit of a passion handed down through the family since 1580. Our estate is deeply rooted in Alsace’s winemaking traditions, and is part of a family heritage that values respect for nature, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality.

LEON BEYER’s vineyards are located on rich, diversified soils, benefiting from a unique climate ideal for the cultivation of emblematic Alsatian grape varieties. Thanks to this combination of varied soils and specific microclimates, our vines produce grapes of exceptional quality, perfectly reflecting the identity of each terroir.