Gonzalez Byass

It was 1835 when a youthful Manuel María González Ángel embarked on a long career in the world of wine. Tradition, innovation, sustainability, and the search for excellence are his legacy.

The pursuit of excellence and the continuous improvement of quality are the two basic principles established by the founder Manuel M. Gonzalez and are those that still govern the business and the production of house wines, owned by the family, for 5 generations.

Gonzalez Byass took his first steps in La Rioja by becoming the owner of Bodegas Beronia, emblematic of the region today. Bodegas Beronia is the Rioja par excellence: its wines are defined by the region and the soils in which the vines are grown. Beronia has two large wine estates in Ollauri, in the heart of the Rioja Alta, and in Valladolid, a few kilometers from the Douro river. Two magnificent settings and two viticultural cultures rooted in the passion, respect and character that Beronia produces in its wines.

Gonzalez Byass is also the owner of Finca Constancia, London Nº 1 gin and the Veramonte vineyards.