Casal Thaulero

The Cantina Casal Thaulero takes its name from the small town of Casal Thaulero (TE) where the rolling hills of Abruzzo meet the Adriatic Sea. Here lived the noble Thaulero family, coming from a line of military service and migrants from Hamburg, who settled in Abruzzo in the sixteenth century with a mandate (received directly from Charles V) to oversee this area of Abruzzo.

A major player in this process of economic and agricultural reform was Giovanni Thaulero, who fulfilled the role of secretary of the Economic Society of Teramo, presided by Gianfilippo Delfico. Thaulero had a philosophical and humanistic formation; to him we owe a “speech” published in the Annals of Italian Agriculture in 1819. He held various institutional roles in the Kingdom of Naples, including the one of counselor of “Intendenza”. The farmhouse located in the town of Montepagano was at the time in the middle of the family property, with many sharecropping houses where they experimented new agricultural techniques; the rural population stabilized to consolidate the small that was enhanced in 1836 by the construction of a small church, financed by Giovanni Michele Thaulero, located today at the center of the establishment.