Each Agamy wine is the culmination of a long history written by winegrowers and passionate collaborators.

The Agamy winery was born from the merger, in 2016, of the cellars of Bully, Quincié, Vignerons Foréziens and Coteaux du Lyonnais. The 500 winegrowers and collaborators work to offer all the richness of their terroir. The vineyards Agamy flourish on 1300 hectares of vineyards on the most beautiful territories of gamay expression: in the Monts du Beaujolais, on the volcanic terroirs of Côtes du Forez and in the heart of Coteaux du Lyonnais. Among the hectares planted, gamay represents 95% of the production of the cellar, which places Agamy at the rank of first gamay producer of the region.