• A New Major Player in Canada’s Wine and Spirits Industry

    Daniel Richard launches Univins and Spirits

    A new cross-Canada wine and spirits organization whose mission is to roll out a national brand strategy from Newfoundland to British Columbia, optimize sales for our clients, adapt product supply to regional realities, and streamline touch points with our employees across Canada.
    Twenty-five years in the making and supported by the efforts of a passionate team of professionals, Univins and Spirits brings together the portfolios of five organizations, features retail sales of over 170 million dollars, and holds an established position in the Canadian market.



    Daniel Richard likens his business to what an agent does for an artist:
    represent and optimize the brand

    Richard is the president of Univins and Spirits, an agency that handles brand promotion for dozens of wine and spirit makers from around the world.

    That may seem a strange occupation in a province where government monopolizes the liquor market through La Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), which buys directly from producers, but Richard said there are actually several agencies like his in the province, with Univins the second-largest.

    Agencies are a way for exporting companies to have an advocate, problem-solver, market consultant and commercial presence in countries where they aren’t necessarily represented by their own employees, he said.

    For their efforts, they get a commission on sales that usually ranges between 10 to 15 per cent of the wholesale cost.