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Vecchioflorio Secco


Terroir is made of red soil terrains, dry and sandy, generally considered of low fertility. Vineyards grown at sea level and up to 300 meters above sea level. The vines are grown in the typical Marsala “alberello” trellis with a density of at least 5.000 plants per hectare. The climate is insular with mild winters and very hot, dry summers.


Harvesting is done by hand, at full maturity, in the second half of September. Pressing of grapes with high sugar content to bring to the must all the qualities contained in the skins. Temperature-controlled fermentation with the addition to the wine of fortified must, cooked must and wine-brandy . Maturation is at least 30 months in oak casks and barrels of various sizes. Refinement is at least 3 months in the bottle.


Color : amber with hints of old gold. Aroma - very refined with scents of raisins, liquorice, dates and vanilla. Flavour – warm and full, with an elegant after-taste of ripe fruit and raisins.

Food Pairings

Classic dessert wine, with dry pastries, can also be served with mature cheeses.






Grillo - Cataratto

Country / Region

Italy, Sicile


Marsala D.O.C.


750 ml

Degree of alcohol

18 %

Serving temperature

14 - 16°C

Available in these provinces

  • Quebec