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Seventh Heaven Gin


Premium Canadian dry gin crafted with 7 of the worlds finest botanicals : Nordic Juniper Berries (Boreal Forest in Northern Quebec), Labrador tea (Labrador Wetlands), forbidden fruit (Caribbean), Orris flower root (Florence, Italy), apricot almonds (Valencia, Spain), coriander seeds (Marrakech, Morocco), elder flower (Lincolnshire, England).


Using a warm vapour process, the delicate and volatile oils are all extracted and preserved from 7 of the worlds most sought after botanicals. The botanical oils are then gently infused into the spirit base to provide fresh flavours in every sip of our gin.


On the palate, the result is a highly complex aromatic gin accented with exotic citrus notes (from the forbidden fruit) and layered with Quebec Nordic Juniper and Labrador Tea. While these 3 flavours are more forward , complexity is added with a medley of 4 other savory gin botanicals from across the globe; Orris flower root, apricot almonds, coriander seed and elder flower. The result is a heavenly botanically complex taste.

Food Pairings

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Maison des Futailles



Country / Region



750 ml

Degree of alcohol

43 %

Available in these provinces

  • Quebec