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Tequila Bang Bang


Available in SAQ stores since 1997, this delicious nectar is distilled in the purest Mexican tradition: Tequila’s main characteristic is that it’s produced only from agave, Mexico's most popular plant. Mexican standards require that at least 51% of the alcohol in tequila must come from blue Weber agave Tequilana. During harvest, which called jima, its serrated leaves (pencas) are carefully removed by a jimador (an agave grower) with a coa, a very sharp tool. The jimador first cuts off the visible roots, then digs up the agave, turns it over and cuts out its piña (heart), which looks like a giant pineapple and weighs between 30 and 60 kg. Working methods have changed very little, and the labour involved is still mostly manual. Unlike the vines that produce our grapes, once the agave is harvested, it can’t be used again. However, during the eight to 12 years of its growth to reach maturity, the plant produces bulbs that are replanted to perpetuate the life cycle.

Other information

The name Bang Bang comes from a typical Mexican tradition that requires you to knock your glass twice on the table before drinking!



Maison des Futailles



Country / Region



750 ml

Degree of alcohol

40 %

Available in these provinces

  • Quebec