Verger Hemmingford

Verger Hemmingford is a creative and innovative cidery, deeply rooted in the local terroir of Quebec and its contemporary life. Since 1994, it is here that the apple is transformed to its best.

In collaboration with Christian Barthomeuf, the inventor of the ice cider recipe, François Pouliot, the founder of the estate, participated in the making and development of the first recognized techniques for producing ice cider in Quebec and around the world.

These two processes, cryoconcentration (juice freezes outside) and cryoextraction (the apple freezes while on the tree), are now recognized by a reserved appellation: the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for Quebec Ice Cider.

Verger Hemmingford already enjoys an exceptional reputation in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. The founding couple never stopped innovating. In the last twenty years, they have received more than 150 awards and distinctions for the quality of their cider, for innovation and for helping to promote Québec’s culture and terroir internationally.