Situated 125 kilometers from Cape Town, Tulbagh has become a 'secret find' for the avant-garde. Our farm Twee Jonge Gezellen is in the North-West corner of this intriguing valley, with the vineyards reaching up to the east-facing slopes of the Saron Peak Mountain while the cellar nestles at the foot of the mountain.

Twee Jonge Gezellen (House of Krone)

The mountain is often referred to as “the rainmaker” due to the rain shadow effect that affords the farm a really generous rainfall factor.
From spring to mid-summer, when the Cape is tested by the relentless South Easter wind, the mountain again protects the farm.

This wind lifts up and over the peak, and whilst acting as an air conditioner for the vineyards, it leaves a quiet haven below where not a leaf moves on the oak trees surrounding the cellar – the perfect venue to visit when the rest of Cape Town is windswept.