A legendary origin: the history of St-Raphaël dates back to 1830. French Doctor Juppet was working to develop a quinine-based aperitif.

St-Raphaël aperitif is full of history and traditions. Back in 1830, Dr. Juppet was working on the development of a cinchona-based aperitif. After long nights of sleep, his sight dropped … Then he remembered the biblical epitaph in which the Archangel Raphael healed Tobias from his blindness. Desiring to regain his sight to complete his research, he placed his new elixir under the heavenly invocation of the Archangel. He thus elaborated the St-Raphaël recipe and regained his sight.

Its popularity is often associated with the 30 Glorieuses, a happy and carefree era, between guinguettes and popular balls, which began after the Second World War and continued until the mid-70’s. Lively cafés served as a meeting point where we exchanged simple pleasures over a drink … the legacy of a reckless time!

St-Raphaël is part of the French independent group founded in 1934, La Martiniquaise, one of the world’s top 10 spirits groups with a large portfolio of international brands.