Saint James

Saint James finds its origins in St Pierre de Martinique in 1765, thanks to the Reverend Father Edmond LEFEBURE, Superior of the convent of the Brothers of Charity, and wise alchemist. In the greatest secrecy, this religious shapes a white alcohol of a quality never reached before, a brandy called "Guildive" or "Tafia".

In 1763, despite strong French protectionism, King Louis XV gave Martinique the right to export his rum to countries other than France. The only country able to buy this rum at the time was New England, that is, the United States today.

In order to facilitate the sale of the production to the settlers of New England, it was decided in 1765 that this rum would be called Saint James: an Anglo-Saxon-sounding name and name of a large prestigious family of the British Kingdom .

In 1882, the Saint James brand is registered as well as the famous square bottle, the first in the world, designed to be stored in a rational way in the hold of the vessels, which allowed a reduction of the breakage during the big storms.

Saint James is part of the French independent group founded in 1934, La Martiniquaise, one of the world’s top 10 spirits groups with a large portfolio of international brands.