L. A. Cetto

L. A. Cetto produces wines in the Guadalupe Valley, Mexico.

With 88 years of experience gained by 3 generations, their wines are sold today in 27 countries.

It was in 1928 that Don Angelo Cetto began this viticultural tradition which will become so important for his country. Confident that the fertile lands of Baja California will be able to create a revolution of the wines of the region, he sows with strength and conviction the noble European wine tradition. Don Angelo used his skills and knowledge acquired in his native Trentin, Italy.

In 1951, a second generation followed in the footsteps of the founder of the company. Faithful to the tradition of his father, Don Luis Agustín Cetto has consolidated the brand of the company in the privileged setting of Valle de Guadalupe. He was a pioneer in the Guadalupe Valley, focusing on the introduction of excellent grape varieties and the exploration of different soils and climates throughout the region.

The partnership in 1965 with the engineer Camilo Magoni, from Morbegno, Italy, quickly made it possible to achieve success in winemaking. The culmination of this vineyard was, in 1975, the launch of the Wine L. A. Cetto with the intention of providing Mexico with the best wine of Baja California.

The characteristic quality of so many years gave its greatest fruits in 1983, when the first varieties of L.A. Cetto were marketed and that in a short time they were desired by the most demanding palates. After years of dedication and fulfilled dreams, in 1983, the third generation joined this family task when Luis Alberto Cetto pledged to strengthen the company’s growth and the group’s history, also contributing to the opening of international markets for Mexican wines, while continuing to expand the country’s consumer circle.