Jean-Paul Brun

The estate is located in the south of Beaujolais in the area of ​​« Pierres Dorées », a triangle in the south of Villefranche.

Domaine des Terres Dorées, a family estate run by Jean-Paul Brun, is located in Charnay-en-Beaujolais, 5 kilometers south-west of Villié-Morgon. Since his installation in 1979, Jean-Paul Brun has made over 30 vinifications, after his father left a cooperative to build this estate, which was originally 4 hectares. Today, the farm covers 44 hectares spread over several terroirs.

First around the estate, in the area of ​​golden stones, with 19 hectares of gamay, 8 of chardonnay, 2 of pinot noir and 1 of roussanne. Then there are several Beaujolais wines, with 5 hectares of Fleurie, 4 of Moulin-à-Vent, 4 of Brouilly and finally 1 of Morgon.

Jean-Paul Brun’s actions and practices highlight the respect for the environment, with a keen interest in organic methods. Soils are plowed, for example, copper and sulfur are preferred to plant protection products to preserve the vines. Harvesting is manual and only at full maturity. In the cellar, the grapes ferment with their own yeasts, from the soil.

Much of the production is exported to Europe, North America and Asia.