The history of a magnificent legacy : that of an extraordinary, Mediterranean-born family, the Skallis, who were pioneers in single varietal French wines as early as the 1920s in the South of France.

In the quest for the ideal combination of grape variety and terroir, an analysis of the landscape resulted in the determination of three terroir profiles: coastal, hills and mountains. In each of these three zones, our selected plots have been subdivided according to criteria that are essential for the future blends. The vines are classified according to their organoleptic potential: aroma, flavour, texture and structure. This means of classification offers infinite blending possibilities to create a unique style based on elegance and freshness.

“It all begins in the vineyards, the style of the wines is directly linked to the type of soil in which the vines grow and to the surrounding climate. When you find the terroir that is best suited to a grape variety, you take it to new heights by bringing out the best it has to offer.”