El Tinieblo

An authentic Mexican brand highly regarded for taste and quality, El Tinieblo is an ultra premium artisanal mezcal hand-distilled in the state of Tamaulipas using methods passed down through generations of the Pérez-Salinas family.

With culture and sustainability at the forefront, the family-owned brand works to boost the local economy, care for our land and wildlife, and honor the Mexican tradition of artisanal mezcal.

Rancho El Tinieblo was founded in 1865 and given the name, meaning “the absence of light,” because of the heavy fog that covers the ranch every morning. It was also the name for mezcal being produced on the land long ago. Dormant for decades, Mezcal El Tinieblo was revived in 1986 when the family purchased the 9,000 acre agave-rich ranch and found the original stone wheel half-buried on the land. The discovery inspired them to use their own ancestral recipe to make small batches of mezcal to sell at their roadside cafe on the ranch. Since the 1980’s, El Tinieblo has grown into an established brand that the Pérez-Salinas family is very proud of. They also have been an integral part of mezcal conservation and regulation in their area, in Northern Mexico.