Domaines Bunan

Heirs to a rich wine-making tradition handed down from their father and grandfather, the Bunans continue to preserve and uphold the authenticity and integrity of their vineyards.

Since 1961, the Bunan family has cultivated the terroirs located in La Cadière d´Azur and Le Castellet in the south of France. Lineage of three generations, they work with love and passion for the excellence of their field; combining tradition and modernity to produce wines of character.

Cultivation of vines in terraces, facing the Mediterranean, on a Triassic soil 300 million years old ideal for the expression of Mourvèdre, the king grape variety.

Reveal the soul of wine by staying as close as possible to nature and respecting traditional winemaking methods. Aging for 18 months or more in oak casks gives our red wines the distinction of long aging wines.

Their commitment has been manifested since 2008, through organic farming and opening up to bio-dynamism. Only natural products protect the grapes and the land.

Having a family name on a bottle imposes a responsibility and a requirement of every moment. This signature carries both the know-how of the past and the commitment for tomorrow.

Openness to the world makes up the DNA of the Bunan Domains and is fundamental. Their wines travel to around thirty countries with a strong presence in Europe, North America and Russia.