Domaine Shadrapa

« Worthy of its heritage, proud of its modernity. »

Domaine Shadrapa is located northwest, on the hills of Medjerda the only river of Tunisia. It gives the area an exceptional terroir for the development of high-quality wines. Moreover, the ancient peoples such as the Carthaginians, the Phoenicians and the Romans made it their gardens and have built beautiful cities in the image of Dougga, World Heritage of UNESCO. This Winery was established in 2004 at the spot where, according to historians, was planted in 1879 the first French vineyards, as part of a Tunisian-French partnership between the group SFBT (Manufacture of Beverage Company of Tunisia) and Castel Frères group, a leading European wine. The vineyard runs along the river Medjerda and is composed exclusively by noble grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Gris, Cinsault, Syrah, red, and Chardonnay.