Distillerie Massenez

Distillerie Massenez, a great name in the production of fruit liqueurs (Eaux-de-Vie) and fruit dipped in alcohol.

Founded in 1864, in Fougerolles, Franche-Comté, the Grandes Distilleries Peureux are chaired by Bernard Baud and are famous throughout the world thanks to the « Griottines » (cherries macerated in eau-de-vie or kirsch), true emblem of the family business. In 2010, The Grands Distilleries Peureux join forces with the Massenez Distillery’s expertise. The latter was born in 1870 in Val de Villé, Alsace. At that time, the founder Jean-Baptiste Massenez worked as a traditional distiller and then unknowingly opened a royal road to his descendants who inherited his expertise : his son Eugène Massenez became a master distiller recognized in the professionempreint, then in the 80s, Manou Massenez will give it a feminine imprint. In 2020, Les Grandes Distilleries Peureux and the Massenez Distillery celebrate together the 150th anniversary of this family adventure.