Historical recipes starting with Vermouth Rosso della Regina and Extra Dry, vermouths that have made the history in this category and, why not, of Turin, too.

The dynasty’s heir, Giovanni Chazalettes, proudly keeps the memory of the golden years of his family and, equipped with the historic recipes, a rich archive and his memories, he’s finally found in Francesca Bava young energies for starting a new adventure with.

Chazalettes interrupted vermouth production in the 70’s, after a century of glorious tradition.

The heir of the dynasty, Giovanni Chazalettes, proudly preserves the memory of the golden years of his family and the desire to make known the quality of this product.
So begins a new chapter in the history of Chazalettes, characterized by the meeting of generations, the charm of an ancient liquoristic art and the shared aim to save important heritage of Turin.