Château Dutruch

Château Dutruch is located on the terroir of Grand Poujeaux, in the Moulis appellation.

Founded around 1850 by the Dutruch family. A first appearance in the 2nd edition of the Féret guide in 1868 and recognitions follow: Cru Bourgeois Supérieur (1932), Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel (1966 and 1978).

In 1967, the Cordonnier family took over and expand the vineyard from 11 to 28 hectares.

In 1993, Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier renewed the vineyard, with the construction of a new winery.

In 2016: François Cordonnier improves farming techniques to further increase the quality of the product. The selection of the assembly becomes stricter.

Moulis is the smallest of the six communal appellations of Médoc. Located in the East, the soil of Grand Poujeaux get benefits from the influence of the Garonne and is considered the best terroir of Moulis.