Handed down from generation to generation the Bollig & Lehnert-Matheus families were indeed able to produce, even as far back as a hundred & fifty years ago first-class wines from many choice wine-growing areas.

Bollig Lehnert

The forfathers  of the present Weingut Owner & Director Stefan Bollig – were connected with Viticulture as far back as the early 17 Century then known as Weinguts Joseph-Lehnert-Matheus & Anton Bollig.

At this time both Günter Bolligs and Josefa Lehnerts families were establised Weinguts on the Mosel, in Trittenheim, Dhron and Piesport.

The estate name Weingut Bollig-Lehnert was established in the early sixties.

After finishing his military service Günter Bollig returned home to Trittenheim to continue the running of the family weingut with his father Anton and it was in the early 1960`s after his marriage to Joseph Lehnert from Piesport that the Estate House in Trittenheim was built and, as stated above around this time WEINGUT BOLLIG-LEHNERT was Officially Registered.

In 1987 after finishing his studies in Bad Kreuznach Stefan Bollig took over the running of the estate from his father Günter . Quality and  Tradition that was Günter Bolligs motto and these two attributes still play the key role in todays day-to-day running of the estate which has well established itself over the years not only here in Europe and the United Kingdom but also in the United States, Japan, Scandinavia  and most recently Canada.