Finca Altos Las Hormigas is situated in Luján de Cuyo about 800 meters (2600 ft.) above sea level, facing the Andes to the east, protected westward by a minor geological fold. The Estate is 206 hectares (530 acres), of which 40 hectares (100 acres) are planted with Malbec and 5.6 hectares (15 acres) with Bonarda.


Altos Las Hormigas

Since our beginnings, it has been a shared opinion in our group that the Malbec tradition is the core of Mendoza as a developing Terroir. Mendoza has two centuries of tradition in winemaking, and this history has produced a local know-how based on collective knowledge of this grape and its relation with the local environment.  Mendoza wines have distinctive characteristics based on soil, topography, climate, landscape and biodiversity.