• A New Major Player in Canada’s Wine and Spirits Industry

    Daniel Richard launches Univins and Spirits: a new cross-Canada wine and spirits organization whose mission is to roll out a national brand strategy from Newfoundland to British Columbia, optimize sales for our clients, adapt product supply to regional realities, and streamline touch points with our employees across Canada.
    Twenty-five years in the making and supported by the efforts of a passionate team of professionals, Univins and Spirits brings together the portfolios of five organizations, features retail sales of over 170 million dollars, and holds an established position in the Canadian market.


    Yes, Univins and Spirits is a new company, but its roots are deeply grounded. It forms a conglomeration of different branches of the group Vini-Quatro: Univins (Quebec), Francs-Vins (Quebec), Tandem Selections (Ontario), Tandem Atlantic (East) and Tandem Wine Selection (West).


    The wine and spirits market has evolved considerably since the turn of the millennium. Univins and Spirits is well situated to take its place in this new reality.
    Whether because of its cross-country structure, its solid network in the wine industry or the expertise of its team, Univins and Spirits is perfectly equipped to offer a logical and appropriate response to the present and future needs of the market.


    The expertise of the new organization, which includes a spirits category, comes as a response to the rising interest from an ever-growing, new-generation clientele. Such expertise also opens the door to new, quality and ever-improving products.
  • “Univins and Spirits is the result of an approach founded on a passion for wine and spirits, and a desire to offer excellence on a wide scale.”

    - Daniel Richard


    Market of 25 million consumers

    Catalogue enriched with spirits

    Expertise 25 years in the making

    Vast network

    Streamlined business procedures

    Strategic global and/or market-tailored approach

    High adaptability to ever-changing markets