Tradition, Elegance, Nobility...Wines Verdots: an explosion of aromas and matter, a touch of finesse and complexity.

Vignoble des Verdots

Combining passion, knowledge and a taste for innovation, David Fourtout is working to continue today the business started over a century ago.

The reason for his reputation of the quality of the wines he makes. David Fourtout works on assembling wines from his terroirs and on how these terroirs work together. It is the passion of a man for nature. The raw material is of primordial importance. His products are recognized, because he was elected winemaker of the year, and has won many prizes.

David Fourtout has been able to improve the reputation of the Bergerac region. Thanks to his ambition and knowledge, he has brought a drop of complexity, a hint of house style, and a pinch of innovation to his wines.