he spirit of Domaine de Nalys was instilled by its famous owner Doctor Philippe Dufays, between 1955 and 1976 and continues to this day.


Domaine de Nalys

oday Domaine de Nalys is a fifty hectare estate (128 acres) grouped together into three plots: “Nalys” or the parcel circling the estate, “Le Bois Sénéchal” and “La Crau”; they´re found on two of the Appellation´s major terroirs with on the one hand, for La Crau and Le Bois Sénéchal:
soils made up of rounded pebbles with weathered sandstone subsoils dating from the pliocene era as well as well-drained sandy terraces, and on the other hand, for “Nalys”: soils lying on an older geological vein dating from the middle miocene era composed of rust-coloured, Comtat molasse sandstone with sandy texture.